Pink October 2020 – Day 5

Pink October 2020

We are marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020 with 31 of the many special women and men who come through the doors in some
capacity here at the Worcestershire Breast Unit.
This is Lisa.
“I am Lisa, I found a lump in February 2018, saw my GP and was referred to see Steven Thrush at Worcestershire Breast Unit for routine examination.

What initially was thought to be a cyst turned out to be Grade 3, Triple Negative breast cancer. Very scary!

But Mr Thrush had a plan of action and during the next 6/7 weeks I had a lumpectomy followed by a mastectomy with reconstruction at the same time. It was a scary time but I never felt I was going through it alone.

Everyone at the Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven were always there, every step of the way. Following the surgery I had 7 sessions of chemotherapy. During my first chemo I picked up our first collection box for the breast unit. It was my way of saying thank you to Mr Thrush and his amazing team.
Every 3 week round of chemo I would drop into the breast unit and exchange a full pink shaker for an empty one.

The pink shaker sits on our counter at work. My husband has his own butchers shop in Evesham and has won lots of awards for his sausages.

So Dave created the BREAST UNIT BANGER as a thank you to the unit. We make and sell these in the shop during PINK OCTOBER, with a percentage going to the Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven.

I know we don’t collect the biggest amount but I am pleased we can support the breast unit and continue to say a big THANK YOU for all they have done and do. Up to date we have collected £1807. What wonderful customers we have!”