Meet The Team

Meet The Team behind the Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven charity. 

Our charity team is very small, consisting of just two people employed by the charity, Lexi & Jacquie.

We are supported by a wonderful team of seven Charity Trustees including Steven Thrush, Consultant Breast Surgeon at Worcester Royal Hospital and our Charity Chair Fiona Charny.


Jacquie was a full-time teacher, specialising in French & English. After her BC treatment she returned to part-time work. She has been involved in the breast unit campaign from the start, featuring as Miss August in the calendar that launched the fund-raising, a wide range of fund-raising activities & has worked as a volunteer in the charity office since 2009. She is passionate about the Worcestershire Breast Unit and loves her role as charity administrator. A big bonus is getting to meet so many lovely people!


Lexi graduated with a BSC (Hons) in Psychology and has a background in Learning & Development and Project Management.  With a passion for helping others, she spent a number of years working for a London based L&D company which focused on using psychology based techniques and the importance of a positive mindset.  In early 2014 she relocated back to Worcester with her husband and after working remotely for 2 years jumped at the opportunity to join the Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven at the end of May 2016, raising money for an incredibly important cause and one close to many people‚Äôs hearts.