WBUH Ball Sponsor – TNT Tyres Ludlow

As the date for our Perfectly Pink Ball on 30th September approaches, we are so grateful to our sponsors who are helping us to raise as much money as possible for those with breast cancer in Worcestershire.
One of those sponsors is TNT Tyres Ludlow – www.tnt-tyres.co.uk 

“WBUH deliver the perfect balance of high-quality care and empathy within the services they offer.  Having access to such a friendly and supportive environment is invaluable for individuals facing a breast cancer diagnosis and on a personal note, I am incredibly grateful for the outstanding care and support they continue to provide to my partner.  I hope that, collectively, we can help make a difference for patients accessing WBUH services”.  Perry Gardener, Co-Director – TNT Tyres

Thank you so much to all at TNT Tyres Ludlow  for your support 💕